Friday, October 24, 2014

I got home around 9 pm last night after work.
This was after being in school from 8-3.

The plan was work on some projects that are due next week but as soon as I changed into my pajamas it was game over.

I laid on the couch and was immobile for about close to an hour and when Chris came home I was delirious trying to stay awake.

He decided to order Chinese food and have it delivered which rarely happens (the delivery part). 

I fell asleep before he finished his order.

Whenever I hear success stories of how people 'did it', attending school full-time AND working full-time, I am just baffled at their level of resilience.

How do people function on anything less than 5 hours of sleep consistently?
I can barely speak in full sentences without a solid 7 hours of sleep and 4 cups of coffee before noon.

I guess that's why they're successful and I'm sitting in my pajamas eating leftover Chinese food blogging about it.

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